Revitalizing Music Education in America

Don't Stop the Music is a star-studded multi-platform media event and community initiative that will provide students with the two cornerstones they need for a fully formed music education: experiences and equipment.

Utilizing a three-tiered effort to revitalize music education in America, Don't Stop the Music will include a documentary (to be broadcast on PBS and streamed via Amazon), an all-star concert and an instrument collection drive.

Television Documentary

 Featuring a beautiful animated narrative about "A World Without Music" and appearances from music legends across genres and decades, this fun and informative TV documentary will awaken Americans to the importance of music education.  


A series of concerts will feature many of the world-renowned members of “Team DSTM,” along with students and inspirational educators, to serve as the kick-off to the nationwide instrument collection drive.


Instrument Drive

By collecting, refurbishing and distributing instruments, and partnering with organizations across the nation, Don’t Stop the Music will get instruments directly into the hands of those who need them most:  students and teachers.